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Award winning entertainers supported by our Partners for over 20 years

World famous athletes from around the world supported by our Partners for over 20 years

protection for the following verticals:

  • Music publishing/licensing
  • Off field income
  • IP & licensing rights
  • Catalogue revenues & sales
  • Crypto wallets
  • Gaming
  • Film/studio production
  • NFT integration
  • Web 3.0 integration
  • Debt restucturing for catalog loans

His chart-topping career may end next year.

How do you turn 4 years of fire into a river of wealth that lasts a lifetime?

AI poses an “existential crisis” for actors and writers, as emerging technologies generate virtual replacements.

How do you safeguard clients from this imminent shift?

Her catalog is worth millions.

How does she maximize its value and extract the most benefit?

From her childhood, she's topped the world best - but she can't do it forever.

Help her to dominate financially far beyond her career.

Over time, most athletes and performers will look back on their careers as distant memories.

With proper preparation, life continues to gather meaning, which enables their futures to become greater than their past.

“The happiest clients are those whose hearts are full, who feel the most alive with renewed inspiration. 

They embrace the examination of new ideas. The most impactful solutions to serious challenges aren’t always obvious, or even readily available.”

– Brad Barros, Co-founder and Director PRC, LLC

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